UX Design

givee (formerly known as TRUST)

When you pass by a homeless person on the street, what is your first reaction? Is it apathy? Is it disgust? Or is it compassion coupled with hesitation and distrust?


Los Angeles has one of the largest homeless populations in the United States. Many of them are in need of healthy food, permanent homes, clean clothes, hygiene products, medical & laundry services and other basic necessities. Unfortunately, homeless people are often stigmatized as lazy, wasteful people who spend all of their money on harmful substances like narcotics and alcohol. As a result, people are unwilling to give out of fear that their donations will go to waste.


Trust is a mobile payment platform that allows users to donate to homeless people in the form of basic necessities and social services. It seeks to make giving more secure, givers more trusting and the homeless more cared for, all while creating opportunities for genuine interactions between passerby's and homeless people.


When you see a homeless person, do you ever imagine being in their shoes? Do you know what it looks like or feels like to be homeless?


Many homeless people in Los Angeles are stigmatized as lazy, dirty, incapable people who will forever remain in a cycle of poverty. Many people are apathetic towards homeless people and pay little to no attention when they pass them on the street. Thus, there is a lack of empathy and genuine understanding of the homeless population.


Ref(LA)ct is an interactive experience that creates empathy by allowing people to literally "step into the shoes" of the homeless. Similar to carnival cutouts, users stand in front of a large board covered in reflective paper with life-sized portraits of homeless
people. Thus, users will be able to see themselves in the body of a homeless individual,
while having access to stories about real homeless people in Los Angeles.